Fort Huachuca Play

By Ailema De Sousa


In 2016 Ailema graduated from a one-year acting course at RADA, and more recently, has appeared in a short film: 'Shut Up, I Love you' directed by Hannah Owen, which won the runner-up prize at the Fresh Faced Film Festival associated with the BFI. 



'Fort Huachuca' will be the first full-length staged play written by Ailema.



ABTF (2019)
Fort Huachuca Reading (2019)
Fort Huachuca Reading Atlanta (2019)
ABTF (2019)
Atlanta Black Theatre Festival (2019)
Elinor Powell
Fort Huachuca
Fort Huachuca Cast
Fort Huachuca Cast
Fort Huachuca Cast
Characters Thelma and Elinor played by Natalia Elizabeth and Ailema Sousa
Character Georgia Davis played by Nicole Sousa
Character Elinor Powell played by Ailema Sousa
Actor Charles Nkrumah Jr
Fort Huachuca



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